About Trebarwith Stonewoks

Trebarwith Stoneworks is situated at the old Prince of Wales Quarry near Tintagel. Slate mining along the North Cornwall coast dates back to the early 1400s. Mining developed along coastal areas where the slate bedrock is exposed or closer to the surface and sea transport was the way to transport the heavy slate.

There were eight known quarries in the Trebarwith area. The Prince of Wales Quarry was one of the largest and particularly remarkable in that in its later years it was worked by a Wolf Compound Beam Engine. The deep pit section of the quarry was abandoned around 1880 but up until thirty years ago forty-five men were mining slate on this site. Today Trebarwith Stoneworks specialises in producing and fitting quality granite, quartz, marble and slate kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces using stone from around the world. We supply a complete service, consulting on design, templating, delivery and fitting.

Natural stone is unlike any man-made product. Every piece of stone has its own unique personality, unique markings and touch, giving a totally individual finish.
Available in a wide range of colours to meet each individual design, granite not only looks marvellous, it provides a long lasting, scratch resistant, durable surface.
The lustre of quartz, similar to granite in its durability, is making this stone an increasingly popular and fashionable choice. Silestone is the only brand that contains a unique bacteriostatic formula based on the use of latest generation silver ions to prevent the propagation of bacteria and secure hygiene.

Marble has its own special quality and feel and is particularly popular for use in bathrooms with its cool and clean appearance.
Slate provides a cheaper option for kitchen worktops but is more vulnerable to scratching. It is, however, a great choice for hearths and window cills and is often a good choice, when renovating older properties, helping to keep the rustic feel.

Local craftsmen at Trebarwith Stoneworks work with care and precision to make a fine quality product, ensuring satisfaction for each customer. Customers are welcome to visit, where they can view samples of the large range of stone available and discuss their needs with the general manager, Graham Pearse.
Graham Pearse, our General Manager, brings over 35 years of experience of working with stone to managing Trebarwith Stoneworks working with a small skilled team of local craftsmen. John Pearse, Graham’s brother has 25 years of experience as a saw-man and the brothers have been working together for many years delivering quality and service. John also co-ordinates the works’ hearth making programme for fireplaces. Dave and Mark complete the workshop team helping to produce beautiful surfaces. Dave is also being trained to template and install the product under the guiding hand of Peter Moyse, our experienced fitter, who also has worked for Trebarwith Stoneworks for many years.

Based in the office is Beth Prescott, whose role is to coordinate enquires both existing and new. She keeps track of jobs from beginning to completion. If you wish to contact her directly you can do so by using the contact form, she is happy to help with your enquiries. 

Trebarwith Stoneworks takes a pride in its work and its history and continues to build on a long tradition of quality Cornish craftsmanship.